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Our Skills and Services

About Kaze Aerial

We are an FAA-approved, fully-insured, and licensed pilot Aerial Video Team. Our award-winning team has worked with CBS Sports, DuPont, the NFL, movie producers, and top production houses to capture the most dramatic video from the air.

Experience Counts

With countless hours in the air, multiple Emmys with our DP, and a project management team that is fun, but extremely thorough, you’ll value your experience with us.

We Bring the Fleet

We have multiple UAV plaforms, an array of cameras from which to choose (including 4K), and a top-notch edition suite.   All FAA-approved!


The wind is nature’s breath, that we cannot see, but that still lifts our spirit.

--Modern Japanese Proverb
Let’s Talk…even if you are just THINKING about aerials.

Our Skills and Services

At Kaze Aerial, we provide a balance of professionalism with a genuine joy for our work. Such an approach makes for a pleasant and productive experience that keep our clients coming back.


Whether on the PGA Tour, NFL stadiums, or at Emerging Sports venues, our aerial coverage has wowed producers and viewers.


From the California wildfires to construction sites to community walks, our aerial video has told the story like no other medium. 


Our aerial coverage has helped DuPont win awards for their training videos. 


Our aerial video platform offers cinematographers options and angles that they previously could only dream about.



Taking the high ground in aerial video production.



CBS Sports
Cleveland Browns
St Jude Childrens Reasearch Hospital

Our Core Team

The Kaze Aerial Production team combines experience and skills in the areas that best lead to media success.

Dr. John G. Duesler, Jr., President: Dr. Duesler has combined his proven analytic, communication, and leadership skills since 1993 to launch and conduct successful media projects with numerous clients as wide-ranging as K Street think tanks to CBS Sports to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Lewis Estes, Director of Photography: With 3 Emmys to his credit, as well as numerous other cinematography awards for industrial video, Lewis’s eye in the sky has helped frame some of the most dramatic sights our clients have ever seen.

Richard Dobson, Pilot in Charge: Richard deploys the same meticulousness that he used to chase submarines in the Navy and applies it to the skies as he guides our UAV video platforms in search of the perfect target…great video angles and approaches.


We are good at…

seamlessly folding aerial video into the treatment, so that it is evokes natural emotions by adding to the story, rather than becoming the story.

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How Much We Love To Work

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We are ready to fly! Whether you have a week of movie-making or a one-day ENG shoot, we at Kaze Aerial can help you capture the high ground.

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